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Yeh Dil Mango Mulch ?

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

What happens when an architect and a civil engineer get together ? A state of the art commercial space or an apartment complex with hundreds of dwellings or perhaps a sleek, fancy Mall ?

Surely not a gorgeous traditional house set in a peaceful mango grove in the midst of rural surroundings, far away from the concrete jungle, right ? Well this couple dared to do it differently and left behind the hustle and bustle of the big bad city, for the rustle of the mango leaves and their beautiful home stands amidst the mango trees, as a symbol of their passion for all things traditional and rustic !!!

Ashwini and Sudhakar, hereinafter referred to as AshSudhi (and sometimes Ash and S respectively) 😀 are the proud owners of this 8 acre grove that they have named Mango Mulch, a label that stands for the millions of leaves that carpet the land under the canopy of their monumental mango trees and eventually break down into mulch that organically adds nutrient value to the soil.

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