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Exquisite Food! Straight off the farm!

It is always exciting for me to write about the cuisine of the place and I usually leave it for the end because it infuses in me fresh enthusiasm, following the fatigue that sets in after churning out pages and pages about the place and activities.

Speaking of fresh, the food that is served at Mango Mulch is just that !!! Vegetarian, wholesome, flavorful and to every possible extent, prepared from ‘straight off the farm’  organic ingredients that they harvest.

AshSudhi treat the visitors to the farm like their own personal guests and also serve them whatever they cook for themselves. Ash is an excellent cook and the cooking is done mainly by her, with  the staff assisting only in the prepping. She likes to try out new recipes and is also fond of using local ingredients and grains like millets. Sugar is replaced by jaggery and the cold pressed coconut oil from their farm, is used as the cooking medium wherever suitable.

On the third and last day of my stay, Ash surprised me yet again with an innovative breakfast consisting of idlis made out of red rice rava (grits) and grated red pumpkin. Served with that famed coconut chuteny and accompanying plump papaya, I must say that at the end of it, I felt quite plump myself 😀 Dinner again at the house, was mint pulao, gobi (cauliflower) masala, baby potato masala and those dreamy phulkas.

Vegetarian caramel custard completed the repast.

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