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The Sunset point definitely scores a Brownie Point!

In the evenings, you will be rewarded with breath taking views of the sun sinking into the horizon behind a sliver of river, with the blaze of colors in the sky, glimmering onto the shimmering water of the Kaveri that is restrained by the Madavamantri dam in the distance.

In March, the green mangoes are 2 months away from ripening and the frequent gusts of breeze bring down quite a few of them. While a newbie like me looks on in distress at the wasted fruit, AshSudhi who have seen it all over the years, stay unmoved, knowing that they have to let nature take it course and allow only the fittest to survive. I however could not bear it and the least I could do was gather them and give them pride of place in my album 😀

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